Who We Are

At the Virginia Education Association, Membership Matters Because Your Voice Matters! 

We're the biggest and best organization for education professionals in Virginia.  We've got a powerful voice in Richmond and around the state- which means YOU do too!

Membership is open to all public education employees.  Our members include administrators, classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, counselors, substitutes, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers and maintenance staff, retired public education employees and college and university students interested in a career in public education.

Check out the vast resources available to our members at veanea.org and at nea.org.

Membership Matters : Our Members Tell Their Stories- Video

10 Great Reasons to be Part of Your Professional Association!

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Local Education Associations

Affiliates of the Virginia Education Association

CCEA President: Chris Badgett

DEA President: Kim Roberson

HCEA Co-Presidents: Heather Byrd

Margaret Pritchett

HEA President: Benjamin Woosley

MEA President: Kim Norris

PCEA Vice President: Jonathan Wood

PEA President: Henry Walker

SVEA   /   VEA-R

For local meetings, contact PUU office

Piedmont UniServ Unit of the VEA
Executive Board of Directors

The Piedmont UniServ Unit (PUU) Executive Board of Directors are the elected officers that direct the governance of the Piedmont UniServ Unit of the VEA .  
All local presidents serve as members of the PUU Board of Directors.

President: Kate Wells

Vice President: Cory Foster

Treasurer: Roger Maxfield

Email: rmrmaxfield@gmail.com  

Secretary: Tonia Jordan

District I President: Connie Finney

The District I President serves on the VEA Board of Directors

Dorothy Carter

UniServ Director

Questions or concerns: 
Ph: 434-799-5498 (office)  *   276-806-2731 (cell)

Email: dcarter@veanea.org

Bonnie Montague

Office Administrator

Ph: 434-799-5498
FAX: 434-799-7441
Email: piedmontveanea@verizon.net